Katy is double majoring at Wayne State in Dance and Kinesiology. She loves being active and working out and has a strong passion and commitment to the art, skill, and craft of Dance.


Anthony’s boxing classes will have you dripping sweat, yet ready for the next station and/or
round. Show up and you’ll tone up with Anthony as he incorporates MIT training with sparring and
more….If you want to try something creative, fun, and challenging then put the gloves on!


Kathy began a new chapter of her life a few years ago when she began to think more about
working out than she had ever before. After months of procrastinating she jokes, she visited a couple
different gyms, some larger, some designed only for women, however it wasn’t until she met Coach that
she really understood and began TO ENJOY living healthy and a fit lifestyle. She now trains 4-5 days a


Nikki possesses and strives for a wholistic and natural approach to her training and instructing.
Her Abs, Zumba, and Pilates classes are creative, fun, and designed to give you personal instruction.